RIP Awards


R.I.P. Awards

(Recognition of Inspired Performance)


These awards were created to offer a much deserved way to recognize achievements in horror film making. As the name implies, we will present a retrospective look at horror films – films that never received serious Hollywood, or critical attention, but that, as we true horror fans know, deserve such recognition. You will be tasked with the job of selecting, from our list of nominees, the winner in each category. We, as we know you do, take this very seriously.

How it will work – when you pre-purchase your SCARE-A-CON admission, you will be invited to vote. Remember – you will only be able to vote once. Therefore, you may want to refresh your memory with the list of nominees below. Awards will presented at the SCARE-A-CON Film Festival Awards Ceremony.


RIP Awards



2014 nominees will be announced soon.


2013 nominees & winners

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