"The Ripper Award"

Welcome to the first annual SCARE-A-CON R.I.P. Awards selection. As a SCARE-A-CON attendee who prepurchased your admission, you are invited to help determine the winners of the 2013 “Rippers” as listed below.

Make your selections carefully, and only after you have taken the time to view, or refresh your memory of the films/actors/directors/film professionals being honored here.

The nominees were selected by our panel of experts, but you, the SCARE-A-CON horror fan, will determine the winners.


Important: YOU WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED ONE VOTE per category. Once you have voted, you will not be able to re-vote.


We suggest that you write down the nominee list, do your homework and then return to vote. The winners will be announced during the SCARE-A-CON Film Festival Awards ceremony at SCARE-A-CON.


Note: There are multiple pages –

8 categories in all.



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