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Panel Discussions Currently Scheduled for SCARE-A-CON 2015

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SCARE-A-CON Smothered Premiere & Q&A with John Schneider

Main Stage – 9/11 at 8pm – John Schneider’s new film, Smothered, is a horror/comedy starring many horror icons – PLAYING THEMSELVES! John wrote & directed the film, and will conduct a Q&A immediately following the premiere. The showing will take place Friday, 9/11 and your SCARE-A-CON admission gets you into the screening. This will be a standing-room only event.


The Devil’s Rejects 10-year Anniversary Panel

Main Stage – 9/12 at 2:30pm – Bill Moseley & Ken Foree discuss the making and success of their careers and their involvement in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects.


Anthony Michael Hall Q&A

Main Stage – 9/12 at 4pm – Ask questions about his roles in The Breakfast Club, Zombie Night, or National Lampoon’s Vacation.


Doug Bradley Q&A

Main Stage – 9/12 at 1:30pm – Every horror fan knows “Pinhead” – ask questions and chat about the Hellraiser movies and more.


Ultimate Scream Queen Panel

Main Stage – 9/12 at 5:00pm – Kristina Klebe, Felissa Rose & Tiffany Shepis talk about the role of screaming hotties in horror –  you do not want to miss this!


The Walking Dead Forum – Jeryl Prescott Q&A

Cypress C – 9/12 at 2:00pm – Join a discussion of horror writers and Walking Dead cast member Jeryl Prescott and talk about the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead.


Steampunk Fashion Show by TEoS

Main Stage – 9/12 at 12:00pm – It’s cool, it’s awesome, it’s steampunk. See the latest fashions for tinkerers at this live runway fashion show.


Night of the Living Dead – John Russo Q&A

Cypress A – 9/12 at 4:00pm – John Russo chats about the making of George Romero’s iconic grand-daddy of modern zombie films. Followed by a screening of the classic Night of the Living Dead.


Conrad Brooks Q&A

Cypress A – 9/12 at 1:00pm – Conrad shares stories of his work with Ed Wood in films such as Plan 9 from Outer Space and Glen or Glenda. Followed by a screening of Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space.


Joe Bob Briggs Q&A

Main Stage – 9/11 at 7:00pm – Joe Bob chats about B-movies and his experience as a horror host.


Comic Books, Comic Book Art & Comic Book Collecting

Cypress C – 9/11 at 5:00pm – Artist Joe Orsak leads this panel of comic insiders to discuss the intrinsic value of comic books and how best to collect them and the art produced by comic book artists.


Film Makers’ Tips & Tricks

Cypress C – 9/12 at 5:30pm – Talk filmmaking with seasoned professionals Bert I Gordon, Ron Bonk, Harrison Smith, Adam Steigert and others.


Getting into Indie Film Making

Cypress C – 9/12 at 3:30pm – Successful indie film makers discuss the tricks and tips that’ll help you go from hobbyist to bona fide filmmaker with Harrison Smith, Ron Bonk and others.


Getting Distribution For Your Film

Cypress C – 9/12 at 4:30pm – It’s one thing to make a film. It’s another thing to get distribution for it. Join successful film makers in a discussion of the best way to get your film into the right hands, and get a check into yours.


Indie Film Making – A to Z

Cypress C – 9/12 at 3:30pm – The only thing there isn’t a lot of in indie film making is money. Work, blood, sweat & tears are all part of the formula, but how can you make it more rewarding? Join Producer/Writer/Director Harrison Smith as he lays out the road map for indie film makers.


Rock Horror Picture Show – Barry Bostwick Q&A

Main Stage – 9/12 at 6:30pm – Barry Bostwick talks about The Rocky Horror Picture Show and his career.


History of Horror Films

Cypress C  – 9/11 at 6:00pm – David Skal, Author of The Monster Show, discusses the history of horror films.


Paranormal TV 101

Tower Room – 9/11 at 5:00pm – Like paranormal reality TV? Listen to paranormal professionals discuss paranormal television and paranormal investigating.


Paranormal Investigating Tips & Techniques

Tower Room – 9/12 at 2:00pm – Enjoy paranormal investigating? Then you’ll like these tips and techniques to help you in your quests as presented by the members of Rome Investigators of the Paranormal (R.I.P.) and others.


Vernon Wells Q&A

Main Stage – 9/11 at 6:00pm – Chat about the career of this versatile actor and learn about his experiences in making The Road Warrior, Weird Science and many other classics.


John Kassir Q&A

Cypress C – 9/11 at 7:00pm – You know the voice of the “Cryptkeeper” but now you get to know the man behind the voice and the voice behind the success of the Tales From the Crypt films.


Troma Films – Lloyd Kaufman Q&A

Main Stage – 9/12 at 11:00am – Lloyd Kaufman and Tiffany Shepis discuss the legacy of Troma films and their contribution to B-moviedom


Classic Bert I. Gordon Films

Cypress C – 9/12 at 12:00pm – Chat about his classic horror/sci-fi films of the 50s and 60s – Beginning of the End, The Cyclops, The Amazing Colossal Man, Earth vs. The Spider, Empire of the Ants and more with Writer/Director Bert I. Gordon.


Ken Foree Q&A

Cypress A – 9/12 at 12:00pm – Ken talks about career, current events, working on set, and more in this entertaining opportunity to connect with an industry veteran.


Self Publishing For Everyone

Tower Room – 9/12 at 12:00pm – Considering authoring a book or already have? Do you need a publisher in today’s environment? Learn about the options available to self publish with JoAnne Padgett.


Writers’ Forum – Wordsmithery: Tips & Tricks on the Craft of Writing

Tower Room – 9/12 at 11:00am – Join published authors Patrick Freivald, multiple Bram Stoker Award finalist, Giovanni Valentino, editor of the wildly popular Alternate Hilarities series of anthologies, and JG Faherty for a lively discussion on the art of the written word. We’ll tackle subjects like common mistakes to avoid, how to get your work published and other topics you might like us to cover. Questions taken throughout the panel.


Adrienne Barbeau Q&A

Cypress C – 9/12 at 1:00pm – Is there anything that this film veteran cannot do? With countless horror and non-horror credits to her name, here is the chance to get up close and personal with a leading lady of screen and television.


C. Thomas Howell Q&A

Main Stage – 9/13 at 12:00pm – A man of many talents and many faces, learn about his varied career and his varied catalog of work.


Intro to Steampunk

Cypress A – 9/12 at 11:00am – COSplay trends are quite diverse, and this one is leading the charge. Learn about the Victorian-era inspired costuming trend that is finding its way into more and more CONs.


Creative Steampunk

Tower Room – 9/12 at 3:00pm – Interested in rolling up your sleeves and creating some steampunk fashions of your own? Here’s how.


Classic Monsters & Movies

Cypress C – 9/12 at 11:00am – Remember the Saturday horror-hosted programs where you first got your glimpse of classics like Dracula, or Frankenstein, or The Thing from Another World? That’s what David Skal will discuss during this nostalgia-filled panel.


Jason Lively Q&A

Cypress A – 9/11 at 6:00pm – His role as the 2nd “Rusty” in European Vacation introduced him to most of us, but his role in cult favorite film Night of the Creeps has given him icon status. Chat with Jason at this Q&A.


Paranormal Chat: Bigfoot & UFOs in CNY

Tower Room – 9/12 at 4:00pm – Local paranormal investigators share their experiences with the less-discussed categories of paranormal study.


Briggs B-movie Panel

Main Stage – 9/13 at 11:00am – Joe Bob Briggs leads this discussion of the best and the best of the worst B-movies.


Paranormal In New York: The Haunted History Trail of NY

Cypress A – 9/11 at 7:00pm – Tourism Marketing Director Kelly Rapone discusses the wide variety of paranormal hotpots throughout our Central New York region.


Paranormal Focus: Adirondack Paranormal Group

Tower Room – 9/12 at 5:00pm – Adirondack Paranormal offers their advice to paranormal investigators of every skill level. An overview of equipment, and techniques will highlight this program.


…more to be announced soon.

SCARE-A-CON Panel Moderators:


Mike Mike ExlerExler – Co-founder of the East Coast Horror Group – Mike’s love for horror styarted out at an early age when his brother Chris forced him to watch Poltergeist with him. From that point on he was looking for the next big scare. He found it several years later in the original Tobe Hopper classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. After that film he knew he loved to be scared and set out to see every possible horror movie he could get his hands on. It didn’t matter the sub genre, he wanted to see it all and become as knowledgeable as he could on what has now become a passion. He was fortunate enough to have friends that were interested as much as he am in the horror genre. His top 5 horror films are as follows and in no particular order: The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, Hellraiser and Friday the 13th (Especially Kane Hodder as Jason).


Drew Seidler

Drew Seidler – Co-founder of the East Coast Horror Group – According to Drew, there is nothing better than the rush you get from being scared…similar to the way others are inclined to get thrills from skydiving or roller coasters. He remembers sneaking to the door of his room as a child upon hearing that classic theme from Tales from the Crypt followed by the startled feeling he would get from hearing SCARE-A-CON 2015 guest John Kassir’s infamous Crypt Keeper cackle. From then on he knew he was hooked. Staring at the box art of those classic 80’s exploitation films and slasher flicks before his parents dragged him away drove the obsession even deeper. His first big scare came from watching Candyman…he couldn’t look at a mirror for months. According to Drew, horror is like a three legged dog, it takes a special person to really love and embrace it. People don’t understand the reason we laugh when Bruce Campbell cuts off his own hand, or why we cheer when Jason spears two teenagers having sex, but we do, and we are what makes this genre so successful. Drew’s top 5 favorite horror movies in no particular order are: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), The Hills Have Eyes (1977), Evil Dead, Eraserhead (What other genre would you consider this?), and Night of the Living Dead (1968).


Larissa Mrykalo

Larissa Mrykalo – A writer and editor for since 2012, Larissa has been a fan of horror films since childhood when she used to sneak off to watch them in her grandparent’s basement. She also enjoyed reading the likes of Poe, Bradbury and Lovecraft. When she saw Poltergeist in 1982, it not only scared and fascinated her but it fueled her passion for delving deeper into the realm of the unexplained. Despite some nightmares, her love of the genre carried on in to adulthood where she went on to get college degrees in Psychology and English Literature. Larissa is a behavioral therapist, mom of two boys (one is a huge horror fan) and she’s an actual descendent of Transylvanian villagers. Her top five horror films are as follows and in no particular order: The Exorcist; Hellraiser; Evil Dead (1981); Halloween (1978); and, Friday the 13th (1980).



Ernie Crop - redux

Ernie Hudson Q&A



Listen to and ask questions of your favorite celebrity, or industry experts. The programming track at SCARE-A-CON is not only incredibly informative, but lots of fun!


Linda Crop

Linda Blair Q&A


Paranormal Panel Discussion

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