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SCARE-A-CON New England 2017

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The early reservations discounts will be available for a limited time. Each single vendor space includes:

  • Pipe & drape for a professional vendor presentation
  • An 8′ or 6′ table
  • 2 Chairs
  • 2 Weekend admission credentials (if you have more people attending you will need to purchase additional admission credentials) – these are standard admission credentials, if you wish to participate in VIP functions, you must upgrade to VIP admission for each person you wish to have VIP access.
  • Vendor reservations are subject to a 25% cancellation fee, and cannot be cancelled within 60 days of event.


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For SCARE-A-CON New England Vendors – please read the information regarding collection of Massachusetts Sale Tax – HERE

To register your business, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  3. Click “NEXT”
  4. Proceed through registration screens and enter information
  5. At completion, generate the tax certificate
  6. File your tax return according to the frequency you indicated
  7. After filing, if you have no further business in MA, you should return to the website, log in and discontinue your business with MA


 **For SCARE-A-CON 2016 (at Turning Stone Casino, Verona, NY) Vendors – Please read the important information regarding collection of sales taxes at the bottom of this page.


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SCARE-A-CON 2015 Event Center Floorplan

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By submitting any vendor space reservation (online, or in printed form) you agree to the terms as outlined in the Vendor Terms & Conditions.

READ: Vendor terms & conditions

* As stated in our Vendor terms & conditions –  Vendor booth reservations are non-refundable.

IMPORTANT TAX INFO: Pursuant to an agreement between the Oneida Indian Nation and the State of New York, vendors that sell goods or services at SCARE-A-CON must be authorized by the Oneida Indian Nation Department of Taxation to collect and remit, and must collect and remit, Oneida Indian Nation sales tax on such sales in accordance with the rules of the Oneida Indian Nation Department of Taxation. To obtain the necessary authorization, vendors must file an application for a Certificate of Authority from the Oneida Indian Nation Department of Taxation at leastfive (5) days prior to the event. As a result of this agreement, vendors who sell goods or services on Oneida Indian Nation lands are not required to collect or remit sales or use taxes to the State of New York. For further information, please contact the Oneida Indian Nation Department of Taxation at or (315) 366-9393. THERE IS NO FEE FOR THIS.


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