Join SCARE-A-CON in recognizing the significant contributions made by the podcaster community. They are the life’s BLOOD of the SCARE-A-CON fan base and are unique in their dedication and importance in maintaining a constant flow of information, insight, and laughs throughout our world.

JV & Dee Snider

…and the nominees are:

  • Best Shortform Podcast
    • Radio of Horror
    • UFO Buster Radio Network
    • Scream Sisters: Women Who Love Horror
    • Shock Treatment w/Mel & Matty
    • Horror with Sir Sturdy
  • Best Longform Podcast
    • The Necrocasticon
    • ScurryFace
    • Pop Culture Leftovers
    • Trick or Treat Radio
    • The Horror Mafia Podcast
  • Best Interview/Guest
    • Horror with Sir Sturdy
    • 3 Guys That Horror Podcast
    • Radio of Horror
    • Super Retro Throwback Reviews
    • Throw Down Thursday
  • Best Podcast Host(s)
    • Horror Shots
    • Comic Crusaders
    • Test Pattern with Jacob & Tab
    • Boys & Ghouls Podcast
    • Shock Treatment w/Mel & Matty
  • Most Humorous
    • That Strange Show
    • Secret Underground Hideout
    • ParaBabble
    • Pop Culture Leftovers
    • The Horror Mafia Podcast
  • Best Podcast 2019
    • The Horror Mafia Podcast
    • Trick or Treat Radio
    • Throw Down Thursday
    • Pop Culture Leftovers
    • The Necrocasticon
  • SCARE-A-CON Fan Favorite – tbd……

  • Best overall podcast – the best content, presentation & uniqueness
  • Best podcast host(s) – whether a single host or a team – the most well-rounded, knowledgeable, prepared, & comfortable in their delivery
  • Most humorous – adding humor to the show
  • Best interview/guest – securing & conducting informative interviews
  • SCARE-A-CON fan favorite – determined solely by the fans


The winner in each category will receive a plaque to recognize their achievement. The winner of the BEST OVERALL PODCAST category will also receive a grand prize of up to $1000 value.

SCARE-A-CON Podcaster Awards Judges

Leo Pond – Leo is co-founder of The Dorkening Podcast Network along with Kevin Crook.  Leo is the tech guy behind the network, producing the shows, handling PR with their celebrity guests along with scheduling and overall management of the network.  During the day, Leo is a digital marketer for a fortune 500 company and a Dork by night. Leo can be found on most shows on the network including The Dorkening, Wicked Horror Show, Dorks The Podcast, and The Splash Page Comic Book Club.

Leo Pond

Kevin Crook – Kevin is co-founder of The Dorkening Podcast Network.  Kevin is the looks and talent of the group. He is a lifelong horror fan, lover of odd humor and bizarre music.  Kevin can be found on most shows on the network including The Dorkening, Wicked Horror Show, Wicked Horror Reviews, Black and White Fright along with guest appearances on Secret Underground Hideout.

Kevin Crook

Phil Perron – Philip C. Perron is the founder, producer, web designer, and co-host of the two time nominated Rondo Award Dark Discussions Podcast as well as You Know Nothing Jon Snow:  A Game of Thrones Podcast, Searching For American Gods: An American Gods Podcast, Bullets, Brothels, and Bots: A Westworld Podcast, and Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews Podcast.  Besides podcasting, he is a published author of numerous short stories that can be found in some award winning speculative fiction anthologies. His story, Indian Summer, in Chiral Mad 2 was listed by Publisher’s Weekly as a highpoint of the anthology.  He also writes reviews at Pop Horror of horror films and video games. He lives in New England with his family. You can contact him at or view

Phil Perron

Krest Winchester – Krest Winchester is the founder, producer, photographer and special effects makeup artist of Mr. D Photography as well as general assistant for Scare-a-con. Krest has been a photographer with a dark edgy style for over 10 years and his work includes publications in 15 national and international magazines, productions, clothing lines an a variety of businesses. He has been apart of Scare-a-con for 5 years serving as Celebrity photographer, Con-Crier, makeup artist and this year, Master of Ceremonies of the first ever annual Podcaster Awards. Besides photography and convention work Krest has had a plethora of experience with special effects makeup creating zombies, monsters and twisted creatures of all sorts and is always expanding his body of work. You can find more at @mrdphoto or

Krest “F-in” Winchester

Jessica Cameron –

Actress Jessica Cameron was born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada and moved to Toronto to initially study fashion at Ryerson University. After finishing her degree, she moved to Ohio in order to work as a fashion designer, though after taking an acting class, and being bitten hard by that bug, Cameron decided to make acting her full-time career.

Relocating to Hollywood, CA, Cameron In the last few years has been cast in more than fifty projects including music videos, TV shows and feature films, and n 2010 won an industry award for being a Rising Movie Star. Some of her favorite recent performances include playing Princess Areola in the film Potpourri directed by Elliot Diviney, and her turn in the feature Mr. Hush, in which she starred alongside horror icon Steven Geoffreys. She also had the chance to work with legendary director Jim Wynorski on the Syfy channel film “Camel Spiders”, and with established horror director Jeff Burr on Resurrection. Cameron was also thrilled to play screen legend Marilyn Monroe in The Black Dahlia Haunting, having been a fan of the Hollywood icon for many years.

2013 was the first year in which Cameron stepped behind the camera to direct and produce Truth Or Dare, a torture film that she co-wrote. Truth Or Dare would screen nearly 50 times all over the world and win 34 awards. Cameron would direct several short films in 2013 including a segment for a Blood Drive PSA. She would produce 2 more feature films in 2015 (Utero and Save Yourself) before embarking on her most ambitious project yet – filming 3 movies while traveling across the USA in a motor home with a small group of crew and cast members. The team shot 2 narrative features (Lilith and Mania) and the documentary surrounding the process called Kill The Production Assistant. Mania would mark Cameron’s 2nd time directing a feature film. Mania would win 28 awards and screen at over 37 festivals. Her third film, An Ending, is currently in post production.

Jessica is still a busy working actress and film maker today, some of her notable credits includes a part in director Steven C. Miller’s fan-favorite horror feature Silent Night, the classic holiday horror film  All Through the House, the gore filled American Guinea Pig : Song of Solomon, the cult classic The Sleeper, the action packed Run Like Hell and the documentary Haunters in which she speaks about her love for extreme haunts.

Jessica Cameron

Garo Nigoghossian – Garo Nigoghossian was hatched sometime in the 70’s. He’s always been a film fan and while in High School he wrote for such film fanzines as Oriental Cinema, She, Asian Eye, and his own fanzine Pagoda. He then started running his own film series at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, MA when he was 18 years old which led to him being awarded two Boston Film Critic awards for film programming over the years. He then went to work with Crash Cinema in the late 90’s releasing old school kung fu films onto the VHS and then DVD market. Through Crash Cinema he co-wrote, co-starred, and produced the critically acclaimed horror comedy “Actress Apocalypse”. Garo then when on to write, co-produce, co-star, and direct the 70’s infused exploitation film “Dangerous People”. He was also a co-producer on the werewolf film “Predatory Moon” and is currently working on a movie about the making of the 80’s cult horror film “Killing Spree”.

Garo Nigoghossian

Natasha Pascetta – Natasha Pascetta is the Director of Digital Production at Cinestate & FANGORIA. In addition to creating, producing, and hosting a slate of in-house shows for the FANGORIA Podcast Network, Natasha hosts weekly “Vault Videos” where she takes FANGORIA’s online audience on a journey through horror history with original photos, slides, and rare behind the scenes looks at classic and cult horror films. As a former Writer and Producer on the nationally syndicated radio show The Glenn Beck Program, Natasha puts her production experience to good use, generating original content for FANGORIA’s social media channels. A lifelong horror fan, Natasha is the Writer/Producer/Director behind the award-winning genre short film ROAD TRASH

JV Johnson – JV is a 30-year veteran of broadcasting and currently the host of the fastest growing syndicated radio show in the nation – Beyond Reality Radio. JV has owned radio stations, and created, hosted, and mentored radio, TV podcast, live stream broadcasting projects for all of his professional life.

JV Johnson